Mid North


EBS Group started in 2003 with the view of providing high quality ecological consulting services. Whilst this is still one of the core areas of business, the group has grown and developed to now offering a range of services. EBS now offer a more complete range of services within the environmental and heritage sectors. We strongly believe the services complement each other well which allows EBS to deliver multiple components of a project.

Our Team

EBS employ a range of professional and technical staff across the organisation who have diverse backgrounds and experiences. We focus on employing staff that uphold the strong company values, can work as a team and have technical expertise relevant to their role. Whilst we work hard and take our clients business very seriously, we like to enjoy what we do and approach our work with a flexible, easy going attitude. We believe strongly in building strong long-term relationships with our clients so we can better understand their business and their needs.

Our teams’ diverse qualifications, skills and experiences enrich our working environment and offer flexibility and depth for our clients. Due to this breadth of experience and skills, EBS can carefully select the most appropriate team for a project based on the project and client requirements. This approach ensures the delivery of projects to the highest standard.

EBS has a strong team focus and strives to create a work-place that is challenging but also rewarding. EBS is developing a strong staff charter that focuses on a range of areas including professional development and rewards for staff, as well as our place in the community and our influence on the environment.

Our Philosophy

At EBS our business is built on expert knowledge, solid technical skill and a great team. Our goal is to deliver high quality projects on time and within budget. EBS Group will be recognised as a market leader in the provision of environmental consultancy services in SA and acknowledged as a leading organisation in terms of knowledge, adaptability, management and client service. EBS Group will create a strong and profitable business and provide a professional, but enjoyable environment in which to work. Staff will be provided the opportunity to develop, be creative and passionate about what they do. EBS Group aims to develop a very high standard of expertise and deliver high quality projects within budget and on time.