Pest Animal Control

EBS Restoration is highly experienced in developing and implementing pest animal control programs. Control programs are implemented to reduce potential off-target damage and a range of methods can be implemented. Key services undertaken by EBS Restoration include:

  • Rabbit fumigation and baiting
  • Fox baiting
  • Goat control

Pest animals may be introduced feral animals such as rabbits, pigeons, foxes, cats, pigs and deer or they may be native animals such as kangaroos, parrots or dingoes. In nearly all cases, effective pest animal control requires a broad scale landscape approach. EBS Restoration has the expertise to control and manage pest animals from assessment of the extent of the problem, through development of management plans and undertaking control. We utilise GIS to map pest and maintain equipment for warren ripping, baiting and trapping programs.

EBS Restoration provides pest control services to private landholders, local councils, natural resource management boards and government departments. Our staff are licenced pest controllers and always work within company policies in relation to OHS&W and environmental performance including humane processes and minimising off-target damage.

Some examples of our pest animal work include the LeFevre Peninsula Rabbit Control Program, and Wetland Carp Control.