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Ecological Surveys and Assessments

Flora and fauna surveys are conducted by EBS Ecology across all habitats in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. The known presence and distribution of flora and fauna allows identification of management priorities, the meeting of legislative approvals, design and rollout of projects, resource planning to name a few.

EBS Ecology is a renowned expert in the provision of biological surveys which are usually a significant and important component of our other services. The range of biological surveys that we offer includes:

  • Baseline environmental studies
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Targeted surveys
  • Threatened species surveys
  • Pre-clearance surveys
  • Vegetation and weed mapping
  • Specimen collection, identification and preservation (herbarium, museum)
  • Our customers are as diverse as the species that we survey, covering industries such as mining, NRM, infrastructure, transport, energy, conservation, both public and private.

Our staff are expert ecologists with a variety of specialisations to meet any project scope.

To ensure efficient project completion, EBS Ecology maintains an extensive inventory of survey equipment including a fleet of field vehicles and specialised trapping gear, anabat detectors, and a private herbarium which contains over 1,000 species.