Bald Hill8


Bald Hills Road Interchange

EBS Restoration was recently contracted by the Department of Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) to undertake the revegetation and maintenance components of the Bald Hills Rd interchange upgrade on the South Eastern Freeway. The works included planting of over 32,000 tubestock, each requiring a water bowl, fertiliser and mulch. Tubestock planting varied from landscape designed roundabouts to woodland and riparian areas. Approximately 95,000m2 was hydroseeded with a combined native grass and exotic dryland grass mix. Woody weeds were controlled within specified locations. Maintenance activities (including tubestock watering, slashing grassed areas, broad leaf weed control within grassed areas and weed control around each plant) was undertaken for a period of 12 months.

The Bald Hills Rd interchange is a highly visual location with a significant amount of traffic flow. Traffic management was a key requirement for the project as well as general WHS management. The site was managed closely and was required to be presentable at all times. Significant project management was required to ensure all of the activities were coordinated and undertaken as per the program.