Beverley Uranium Mine8


Beverley Uranium Mine – Heathgate Resources

EBS Ecology has been engaged by Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd since 2009 to assess the flora, and 2007 (intermittently) to assess the fauna monitoring program at Beverley, Beverley North and Four Mile Mineral Leases. The monitoring work has been undertaken in line with compliance regulations under the Program for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation (PEPR) for Beverley Uranium Mine. Key tasks have included:

  • Comparison of vegetation cover and plant species richness (impact versus control sites);
  • Comparative analysis of vegetation community structure in terms of richness and lifeform in control and impact sites;
  • Determining the abundance and species richness of mammals and reptiles;
  • Measuring avian species and abundance;
  • Comparing and reporting on richness and abundance for values observed from previous surveys;
  • Describing abundance of pest predator species.