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Greater Murray Darling Junction Reserve

EBS Heritage was engaged by Outerspace Landscape Architects Pty Ltd, on behalf of WaterNSW, to assess the heritage impacts associated with the proposed upgrade of the Greater Murray Darling Junction Reserve (GMDJR). The Study Area is within the Greater Murray Darling Junction Reserve (GMDJR), at the confluence of the Murray and Darling Rivers at Wentworth in NSW.

The proposed upgrade of the GMDJR included an improved car park, new toilet block, urban style infrastructure including picnic shelter, interpretative signage and landscaping using indigenous plantings.

The objectives of the assessment were:

  • To determine any existing or potential heritage constraints that could affect the proposed development;
  • To identify the impacts of the proposed development on any known or potential Aboriginal sites within the Study Area;
  • To summarise the Aboriginal occupation and contact history for the area based on the results of the background research;
  • To determine whether there are any suitable conservation methods for preserving the Canoe Tree; and
  • To detail any appropriate heritage management strategies, including the need for cultural monitoring for certain parts of the Project Area.