SA Weeds Conference Presentation

Posted on June 22, 2018


EBS Restoration Operations Manager, Grant Glazier, presented at the recent 6th South Australian Weeds Conference hosted by the Weed Management Society of South Australia. Grant’s presentation was entitled Southport Dunes Weed Control and detailed a field trial and weed control program EBS Restoration has been involved in for several years. The project is being undertaken for the City of Onkaparinga and has involved controlling weeds along sections of the Southport Dune system. The primary target weed is Pyp Grass, a very difficult to control species, particularly in areas where native vegetation occurs.

The first part of the project was undertaking trials of chemicals and application rates to control Pyp Grass and minimising any off-target damage. The trials also investigated whether brushcutting the Pyp Grass and letting it re-shoot before applying herbicide was more effective in controlling the species.

Control areas have been mapped and monitored with Grant and the team finding that the most effective control method for the species is to brushcut it during the active growth phase and spraying the regrowth with a grass selective herbicide. With careful application, the grass selective herbicide reduces the impact to native vegetation and allows the native species to recolonise dune areas more quickly. Follow-up control is also required to reduce the likelihood of reinfestation of the Pyp Grass.