Burnside Council

EBS Restoration is currently contracted by the Burnside Council to undertake fuel reduction work within the council region. Prior to the fire ban season each year designated council reserves and roadsides require long grass to be cut through tractor slashing and brushcutting. Many of these areas are on steep slopes and along main roads requiring stringent WHS requirements such as traffic control and the use of ropes and harness. Many of these council reserves have high levels of native species present. Native plant identification skills and knowledge is essential to delicately manoeuvre within these sites, targeting weeds while leaving sensitive native species.

Fuel reduction work also requires the removal of woody weed species such as Olive and Hawthorn. The main methods implemented to combat these woody weeds are cutting and burning in inaccessible areas during non-fire ban season or cutting and chipping where access is available for the chipper and truck. All woody weeds removed are extensively drilled and filled with herbicide to minimise the chance of plants regrowing.