Waite Conservation Reserve

Since 2013 EBS Restoration have been commissioned by the University of Adelaide to undertake an extensive woody weed removal program within the Waite Conservation Reserve. The aim of this project is to rehabilitate the Open Woodland environment present within the reserve.

The project areas is located in the Adelaide foothills and has limited access for vehicles. The inaccessibility of the area creates challenges in getting equipment to the project area to remove the woody weeds. To overcome this all woody weeds are cut, piled and burnt on site. All stumps are then drilled and filled with herbicide to minimise any regrowth. Burning of cut material is undertaken within non fire ban season when conditions are suitable. Stringent WHS requirements are followed to ensure burning is done in a safe and efficient manner. this includes making sure all fires are totally extinguished prior to leaving site each day and liaising with CFS, MFS and University management on a daily basis.