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Willogoleche Wind Farm – Engie and Catcon

Engie has engaged Catcon to construct the Willogoleche Wind Farm, which is located approximately 6 km west of the township of Hallett, in the mid north of South Australia. Construction works on the project began on 9 September 2017 and involves the installation of 32 Wind Turbine Generators.

Catcon has engaged EBS Ecology to undertake monthly environmental site inspections which involve a visit to site to view environmental management controls during construction works as well as to assess compliance with the Environmental and Cultural Heritage Management Plan (ECHMP) and the Soil and Water Management Plan (SWMP).

Both the ECHMP and SWMP outline a requirement for the Project Manager / Site Environment Officer to conduct an inspection of the site each week, including visual and physical checks, to ensure that the environmental control measures and effective performance indicators described in the ECHMP and SWMP are adhered to during the construction and rehabilitation phases of the work.