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Kanmantoo Mine

The EBS group, namely EBS Restoration and EBS Ecology, has been commissioned by Hillgrove Resources since 2011 to assist with achieving a Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) within the mine lease.

Ongoing tasks have involved a number of activities including on ground works in conjunction with monitoring and reporting. Some of the key outcomes have included:

  • Seed collection for hydroseeding and pre-stripping – hydroseeding has occurred on over 43 hectares and pre-stripping on over 27 hectares;
  • Rehabilitation of native vegetation areas through targeted weed control activities;
  • Management of native seed bank and resources on site, including The Seed Production Area (SPA) and Seed Multiplication Area (SMA);
  • Revegetation of over 20,000 tubestock within pre-stripped and remnant areas;
  • Consolidation of existing native vegetation areas through targeted essential bushcare activities – this has included significant weed control and tractor slashing activities to promote the spread of native species. This will assist in linking up existing areas of remnant Eucalyptus odoratawoodland over the long-term; and
  • Native Fauna monitoring.

As the SEB offset program expands through hydroseeding, direct seeding of stripped areas, revegetation, vegetation enhancement and maintenance. Conservation of these locations to control and limit the threat of weeds and help expand the spread of native species is essential to ensure the long term benefits such as restoration of native grasslands and woodland communities.