Kanmantoo Mine

EBS Restoration has been contracted by Hillgrove Resources to assist in environmental restoration projects within and surrounding the Kanmantoo Mine since 2012. Environmental restoration programs are tailored to achieve a Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) offset as part of the Kanmantoo Mine approval requirements.

Environmental restoration programs include:

  • Half a hectare Seed Production Area (SPA) developed in 2012. Approximately 150kg of various native seed is collected per year.
  • Management of a five hectare seed multiplication area (SMA) where native grass plots have been established. Approximately 150-300kg of native seed are harvested each year from this site using specialise grass collection equipment – Grass Grabbers.
  • Direct seeding over 16 hectares of 50-100mm stripped ground with native grasses and understorey seed mix. The stripping of the topsoil removes the majority of the weed seed present within the area and greatly improves the establishment of native species while reducing the ongoing management of invasive weed species.
  • Weed control activities including herbicide spraying using backpack sprayers, quickspray unit. Brushcutting, large scale tractor boom spraying and tractor slashing across all direct seeded areas and fire breaks.
  • Large scale seed collection program (from the SPA, SMA, direct seeded areas and wild collection from local resources) to supply the quantities and diversity of seed required to undertake large scale rehabilitation works. All seed collected is dried, mulched or sieved then weighed and packaged for future use.
  • Establishment of over 15,000 tubestock across the mine lease and adjacent areas.
  • Enhancement and expansion of existing native vegetation areas through targeted bushcare within remnant EPBC listed Eucalyptus odorata woodland located onsite.
  • Feral animal monitoring and control.
  • Provision of seed mixes for hydroseeding activities within the mine lease with approximately 30 hectares of hydroseeding having been undertaken to date, predominantly on batter slopes.

Significant progress has been made in realizing an SEB offset at Kanmantoo mine. Weed control activities that enhance existing vegetation communities found within or on surrounding properties owned by Hillgrove resources have and continue to be undertaken, coupled with the rehabilitation of surrounding landscapes through direct seeding, hydroseeding and tubestock planting.